Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Pazham Ada

It was boring to eat plain bananas. So I tired a different dish and it tasted wonderful. I named it pazham ada.


Pazham (bananas) – 250 grams
Sugar – 25 grams
Egg – 1 no
Wheat flour – 100 grams
Coconut – 30 grams
Cardamom powder – 5 grams
Ghee – 10 grams

  • Steam the bananas  so that it becomes soft and mushy.
  • In a food processor or a mixer, grind the steamed bananas.
  • Add sugar and coconut and whip it once more.
  • Now add egg and whip it once more.
  • Transfer the paste into a bowl, add the wheat flour and cardamom powder.
  • Knead it to make a dough. It would be little loose compared to chapathi dough.
  • Heat a dosa pan, grease it with ghee.
  • Take a handful of the dough and spread it into a dosa using hand.
  • Have a bowl of water nearby, dip your hand in water and spread the batter in the tava so that you don't feel the heat.
  • Cover and cook on both sides.
  • I cooked one side dark brown and the other side light brown.

Serve hot. This would be a wonderful evening snack for kids!!!

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