Monday, 12 November 2012

7 cup Burfi

I tried this sweet for the first time. It came out pretty good and family/friends also appreciated this. This made my day rather made my Diwali!!!

I chose this recipe from Kaveri and Roshni. I chose this because the recipe has few ingredients and the procedure is very simple. The only apprehension was when to transfer to the greased tray. If we transfer it a bit early we would get a halwa like consistency and if we are late the barfis would be very hard. I guess I managed it.

So here goes my version. Didn’t deviate much from the links that I referred to.

Besan – 1 Cup
Scraped Coconut – 1 Cup
Milk – 1 Cup
Ghee - 1 Cup
Sugar – 3 Cup

  • Sieve the besan and make sure the besan doesn’t have any lunps.
  • Grease a tray or a plate and keep aside.
  • In a heavy bottomed Kadai, add the besan, scraped coconut, sugar, milk and ghee. I used a nonstick kadai.
  • Mix all the ingredients well. Place the Kadai on heat, and start cooking on medium heat. Keep stirring.
  • After a few minutes the mixture will become smooth and will start boiling.
  • You can also cook on high heat until the mixture starts boiling, then on medium heat thereafter.
  • Keep stirring. Don’t stop stirring otherwise the mixture will become hard on one part alone.
  • In the next stage, the mixture will start thickening.
  • Keep stirring. Next the mixture will get thick, and leave the sides. The mixture becomes frothy on the sides.
  • At this stage, remove from flame and transfer into the greased tray.
  • There is one more way to find is the mixture is ready. Have a cup of cold water nearby. Drop a little of the mixture into the cold water. If the mixture retains the shape when touched upon, then it is the right consistency to remove from heat.
  • Allow to cool for a few minutes, say 10-15 minutes and then mark the pieces with the help of a sharp knife, while still warm.
  • Cool completely, (I waited for about 4 hours) remove the pieces carefully and store in airtight containers.

Delicious burfi is ready!!!


  1. thank you so much for trying and also for the feedback.. this has come perfectly.. happy diwali

    1. Thanks and Happy Diwali to you and your family

  2. Thanks for Indu...Burfi looks perfectly made...A very happy diwali to you and your family

    1. Thanks and Happy Diwali to you and your family