Wednesday, 3 May 2017

26 days of baking around the world

Though this is the second time I am participating in a marathon for baking, I enjoyed this a lot more and also learned from this marathon a lot more. Now I am confident of baking breads and buns. Next I should try cakes I guess.

This marathon the following were the specialities

  • Did different varieties of breads, buns and cookies.
  • Tried recipes from 20 different places.
  • Tried shaping breads for the first time like snail, petals etc.
  • Used a lot of new spices like the zaatar spice mix, oregano spice mix, till/sesame seeds in breads etc
  • found many new varieties of stuffed bread which would be a good choice for picnics.

When this marathon started I was ready with only 3 posts. But somehow I had the courage and confidence to go ahead with the marathon since I had the list of recipes ready. I actually learned efficient time management and effective planning by doing this mega marathon. I planned my breakfast mostly around these recipes and the evening snacks also. For the last few recipes I missed buying few essential ingredients since they were not available near my place of stay. But that didn't affect the final product much. Overall I am very much satisfied with my performance in this mega marathon. The only flaw is I haven't commented on the posts of my fellow bloggers.

I should have suggested Valli to have some detox diet or something similar for the next month after devouring all these butter filled goodies..

A for Aghi Gesgoudz from Armenia

C for Crown Cookies from Lebanon

D for Dates Cookies from India

F for Fougasse from France

G for Ghorayebah from Egypt

H for Herbed Butterflaps from Guyana

I for Irish Soda Bread Buns from Ireland

J for Julekake from Norway

K for Khaliat Al Nahal from Middle East

L for Lion House Rolls from Salt lake City

M for Manakish - Zaatar from Lebanon

N for Nazook from Armenia

O for Onion Bialys from Poland

P for Pide from Turkey

Q for Qlecha from Iraq

R for Rose Tea Cake from Finland

S for Sekerpare from Turkey

T for Twisted Snail Buns from Macedonia

U for Uovo Al Pomodoro from Italy

V for Vanilias Kifli from Hungary

W for Whole wheat Paav Buns from India

X for X-Cookies from Sicily

Y for Yangpabbang from Korea 

Z for Zaatar - Pull apart Bread from Middle East


  1. Beautiful bakes from all around the world, and you simply rocked with your different bakes, just awesome, you simply rocked.

  2. kudos for finishing the marathon is quite a task to bake an post everyday..wonderful bakes from all around the world, and of course you have achieved quite a bit.

  3. Awesome round up Ruchi. You need a pat on the back for baking such amazing dishes on tight time schedule. It was lot of fun running this marathon with you.

  4. Wonderful job ruchi, even though you said you were not so prepared, you have managed to bake all on daily bases and completed this..great job!

  5. That is a fabulous round up of very interesting bakes. Kudos to you!!

  6. Kudos for completing the marathon... I agree, we should have told Valli to add some detox diet theme.. ;-) Loved all you recipes.

  7. Awesome roundup dear. You nailed it throughout the marathon and I love each of your bake.

  8. Such a lovely collection of Recipes Ruchi.. I totally loved it.. Now i have so many recipes to be tried from your list!! kudos!!