Tuesday, 2 May 2017

Vanilias Kifli

Vanilias Kifli is a very famour cookie from Hungary which is normally made during Christmas or New year time. They are dangerously addictive and extremely delicious. he word "vaníliás" refers to the vanilla flavor used while the world "kifli" stands for the crescent shape of the cookies.

While I was making a list of recipes for this mega marathon, I zeroed in on Vanilias kifli for 'V' and noted down the link. But while making this recipe, I only read the ingredients and instructions and didn't bother to read the introduction since I was running short of time. I have a new set of cookie shaper so all the more interest in making the cookies with this shaper. So as usual I made these cookies in my own way and shaped them into nice rounds. Later, while doing this write-up I read about this recipe and found out that kifli means crescent-shaped. Lessons learnt - read the complete post about a recipe. Hopefully my blogger friends would accept this round shaped crescents.

Recipe Source: Veggieplatter
Country: Hungary


butter - 250g 
Sugar - 100g 
ground almonds - 160g 
plain flour - 310g 
Vanilla flavoured icing sugar - 2 tbsp


  • Cream the butter and the sugar. Blend in almonds and flour. 
  • Mix the flour and make it into a nice round ball.
  • Roll the flour into a big rectangle of 4 cm height.
  • With a cookie shaper, cut the cookies.
  • Alternatively, Take small pieces of the mixture and roll between the palms of the hands, then form into crescents
  • Place on greased baking trays and bake in a moderately slow oven (160C), for 20 minutes. Cool until biscuits are barely warm then toss in icing sugar. 

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  1. The shape doesn't matter at all. It's the effort that you put in and the of course the taste. These cookies are surely inviting and tempting.

  2. Tempting cookies you have there. Wish I could grab some

  3. Ah thats really tough right, I find the cookies look so inviting, so thats fine, maybe you can get back to updating the pictures as the original one if you want, later..:)

  4. You know wat, i have this cookies in my draft, and am planning to post it soon. Love this cookies to the core.

  5. Beautiful cookies, they look lovely. Almond meal must have given them that extra flavor.

  6. Such simple and flavorful vanilla cookies.

  7. The Hungarian butter cookies looks sumptuous and yet so simple.

  8. Another delicious cookie.. Looks so yumm..