Friday, 22 April 2016

Sharjah Shake | Milk shake with bananas and nuts

As I said earlier in this mega marathon I am trying to cover all types of recipes. So here's  a summer special - super cool drink. Presenting sharjah shake which is very famous in the malabar area and is available in every other fruit juice shops or ice-cream parlours.

I tried to find out why this juice is called sharjah shake but the the answers I got were 3 words - "I don't know". Well as far as I understood there is no connection between this juice and sharjah or UAE. Probably somebody from gulf tried this juice for the first time in Kerala and to make it an instant hit named it sharjah shake. We Indians always have a liking for foreign products right!!

Whatever be the story behind it - This is mind-blowing cool drink which can be easily made at home and kids will definitely enjoy this.


Milk (frozen) - 1/2 litre
Sugar - 4 tbsp
Banana - 2 (big)
Bournvita - 2 tbsp
Cashew nuts - 5
Vanilla ice cream - 1 scoop


  • Take the frozen milk packet, without opening it, crush the frozen milk well with a chapathi roller. 
  • Put in in a mixer. Add two bananas ,sugar, bournvita and  3 pieces of cashew nut.
  • Mix it well in the mixer. Add one table spoon of vanilla icecream and mix for 5 seconds. 
  • Turn off the mixer once the milkshake is thick enough.
  • Pour it into a glass, add the remaining cashew nuts and top it up with bournvita..

Sharjah shake is ready!!!


  • Instead of bournvita you can also add boost or chocolate horlicks.
  • Instead of mixing vanilla ice cream you can top up the milkshake with vanilla ice cream
  • Frozen milk works best. This can probably be tried with chilled milk also.

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  1. Adding bournvita to the banana shake is very very interesting..strange how some recipes get their names, whatever iIt definitely is very interesting.

  2. Adding bournvita to the banana shake is very very interesting..strange how some recipes get their names, whatever iIt definitely is very interesting.

  3. I have read about this drink, interesting to note what has gone into making it..

  4. Very refreshing drink and the addition of bournvita makes this shake more fabulous and highly delicious.

  5. lol on "I don't know".. interesting summer drink with bournvita.

  6. hahaha, I was chuckling reading youyr first step, roll milk packet with chapati roller.. :) This is a nice way to make milkshakes, using frozen milk. Looking at the pictures I was wondering what that brown powder is? Bournvita garnish is a cool idea and a yummy milk shake, though I am not a big fan of bananas.

  7. Very interesting name and a different technique of using frozen milk. The drink looks so tasty..

  8. I make Sharjah shake but never added bournvita. I'm sure it adds to enhance the flavor. Will try next time.

  9. Love the twist of bournvita to banana milkshake. Will try it out for my kids.

  10. That is sure a very yummy shake with a very interesting name. I think my kids would love this. I will try this for them.

  11. Bournvita in a milk shake sounds good. Shall try it out for the kids.

  12. I love banana milkshake and bournvita. Never tried both together. Interesting mix, I must try!

  13. Such a divine shake.Looks too good.