Tuesday, 19 September 2017

Bulls Eye | Fried Eggs

The third week I have selected a sub theme of posting paneer and egg related recipes for protein rich dishes. I didn't mean recipes containing both paneer and egg rather 3 recipes with egg and 3 recipes with paneer. Starting this week with a very simple egg recipe.

Fried Eggs are one of the common preparations done in many countries around the world. These can be done with any eggs (chicken, duck...). In India, it is known as Bulls Eye and is a popular item served by street vendors (known as Thattu Kadai) in TamilNadu as well as Kerala. I remember one of our friends; after visiting Kerala asked us - Do keralites even eat the eyes of the bull? I had the heartiest laugh that day. I didnt get exact reasons as to why this is called Bulls eye - probably because after cooking these look like bull's eye.

Fried Eggs are usually cooked until the egg whites become opaque and fully white. The yolks will be runny. As with other dishes, it can be cooked a little longer until the bottom is crispy or with a sprinkle of water to cook perfectly. It depends on personal preference. It is usually not flipped but some people like to do it that way too. In our place fried eggs is the best combo for wheat dosa.


Egg - 1
Salt - a pinch
Pepper - a pinch
Oil/Butter - 1/2 tsp


  • Heat a pan over medium low heat. You can use a cast iron griddle or non stick pan. If you have a wide pan, you can make more than one eggs at a time. 
  • Add the oil/butter to the pan.
  • After about 10 seconds, crack the egg. 
  • Hold the cracked eggs about 2 inches from the hot pan and break it open. If you are scared to break it directly onto the hot pan, break the eggs in a small bowl and pour it gently into the pan. 
  • Sprinkle a pinch of salt and pepper on top of the eggs. You can add this while serving too.
  • Cook until the egg whites are fully set. It takes about 3 minutes. The yolks should be runny.
  • Remove it carefully on to a serving plate.


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  1. We get this as half boil in shops, but I prefer to cook the yolks completely. Your bull's eye look perfect..

  2. Bullseye ! Ha ha ! Since I am not familiar with egg recipes , I have heard this for the first time . Interesting bulls eye .

  3. You have absolutely nailed it. Bullseye!!

  4. Bullseye, nice name. The fried egg looks perfect.

  5. Bulls eye is my darling hubbys favourite. He always wants it the same way without breaking the yolk. He loves having it with anything like rice, idli, dosa, pooris...

  6. Getting a perfect bull's eye is always a tricky thing, you have got it done perfect!

  7. Cant say how much i love this bulls eye, just love to have with some crispy dosas.

  8. Perfect looking bulls eyes. I've got to have these next time with dosa.