Thursday, 6 April 2017

Eggless Japanese Sesame Cookies

The next cookie inline is the Japanese Sesame cookies. I have made this eggless, but in Japan most of them are made with eggs. 

Japan is called the land of rising Sun. Yes it is the far east side in our globe and is kind of a collection of islands. I have interacted with Japanese people during my work. They are very hard working people and also the Japanese generally live a long life. The average life expectancy of Japanese is 83 whereas the average life expectancy on an Indian is 68. I haven't tried much of Japanese cuisine until now. I guess these cookies are the first one.

I have added both black and white sesame seeds and as usual followed Gayathri's instructions. The only problem was that I used coconut oil and H felt coconut oil doesn't go well with this cookies. Probably should have tried with olive oil. But the cookies tasted absolutely delicious. 

RecipeSource: gayathriscookspot
Country: Japan


Oil-3/4 cup
Sugar-3/4 cup
Milk-1/4 cup
Flour/ Maida- 1 3/4 cups ( I used 2 cups but the dough was crumbly)
Baking Powder-1 tsp
Salt-a pinch
Black and White Sesame Seeds-3/4 cup


  • Powder sugar in a mixer jar.
  • Add it with oil and mix well.
  • Add the sesame seeds to it and mix.
  • In another bowl mix together flour, baking powder and salt.
  • Add this to the oil mixture and mix to form a soft slightly thin dough.
  • Divide mixture into two. Place them in cling wrap and shape into rolls. Refrigerate until firm.
  • Cut into 1/4″ slices and arrange on a baking tray. If it crumbles, then shape into round cookies and arrange on a tray.
  • Bake in a preheated oven of 180°C for 20 minutes or until golden brown.
  • Remove from oven and allow the cookie to cool in the tray.
  • Remove with a spatula and arrange on a wire rack.
  • Once completely cool, store in airtight box.

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  1. Lovely cookies. I have never used black sesame seeds and that too in cookies.

  2. That's a good choice for making this cookies. Even I haven't used sesame seeds and remember reading about this on Gayathri's space..

  3. I have been to Japan many times and they eat really healthy, no wonder the life span is higher. They use lot of sesame seeds in their food, and it tastes really good. Yes next time give the cookies a try with olive oil or any other oil, coconut would lend a typical flavor.

  4. Sesame seeds sound like a good flavor for cookies....and nice information about Japan,

  5. Nice stack of cookies and the black sesame seeds pop against the pale cookies.. very nice!

  6. beautiful stack, loved the speckled look of these cookies

  7. Simple and easy to make cookies -- love the addition of black and white sesame seeds.

  8. I love the taste of sesame seeds, so these cookies are a must for me to try. Lovely cookies

  9. Can imagine the taste of these fantastic cookies, love the addition of both sesame seeds.

  10. Perfect shape and texture.. This is sure my kind of cookie!!

  11. One classic cookie. Love that color and BW shot. :-)

  12. Didin't know that the japanese use a lot of sesame. These cookies look very addicitve

  13. Sesame in cookies is new to me. They looks so yummy.