Friday, 3 July 2015


Kayappam is actually a sweet bonda. This is a very easy snack recipe famous in kerala.
This week for BM I have selected One-Bite Appetizers and I felt this would be the apt one to start with.

The main ingredient of this snack is the famous nenthram pazham plantain variety of banana. But guess this snack can also be made with ordinary yellow bananas


Banana             4 nos peeled;
Cardamom       2 no.;
Maida               3 tbsp
Sugar                2 tbsp
Salt                   one pinch;
Water                as needed;
Oil                    for frying


  • Grind banana with cardamom, sugar and salt.
  • Make in to a fine paste using a mixer. 
  • Optionally we can smash banana with hand as well, but a mixer would give a fine paste, which helps in preparing very soft bonda. 
  • Add maida to the above paste and mix well with hand, making sure that the mixture is thick. If needed add little water.
  • Heat oil in a pan. When the oil is boiling hot, drop a small quantity of the above mixture with your hands. 
  • Deep fry until the color turns brown. Take out once cooked and keep it aside until the oil is drained.Your banana bonda - kayappam is ready to serve !!

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  1. This we call as gulgulas in north :) yumm o yummm cant resist having so many of them at once :)

  2. I had made another version of banana fritters earlier and loved it. These must be good with banana and cardamom flavors.

  3. so yummy!! such a comforting and festive snack..

  4. Good to know about another banana fritters from your site.Looks good and delicious.

  5. Yummy looking banana fritters.

  6. Interesting fritters ! I dont eat bananas but this particular variety of Kerala tastes really nice .

  7. perfectly made it's flavors..

  8. Very temptimg kayappams.. i can finish a plate rite now..

  9. Looks so tempting! Wish to grab a few from the screen.

  10. Very tempting. Love the flavors.

  11. Never knew it was called this..though we do make it at home..:)..very delicious one bite snacks!