Tuesday, 10 March 2015

Semiya Pulav / Vermicelli Pulav

I am participating in BM #50. And this week I have selected colorful dishes for kids :-)

Since we need a colorful dish I thought of preparing a colorful rice item for lunch box. But I have already posted pulavs and biriyanis. That is when I saw a pack of MTR semiya wherein a recipe of Semiya pulav was given. And I imediately thought of trying it.

I have also seen this recipe in Rak's kitchen. So combined both the recipes and made it in my style. This is the first time I used MTR semiya. The usual semiya I use is very thin when compared to MTR semiya. So kids after tasting this semiya pulav said its veg noodles :-). But they loved it thorougly.

This recipe can be made very quickly and would be a good idea to serve for guests with raita and pickle.


Vermicelli/semiya(roasted) - 350 grams
Mixed vegetables (chopped) - 100 grams
Onion - 50 grams
Tomato - 40 grams
Mint leaves - little
Coriander leaves - little
Coconut milk (thin) - 2 cups
Salt - to taste

To grind to a smooth paste:

Cardamom/Elaichi - 1
Cinnamon - a small piece
Cloves - 1
Star anise - a small piece
Fennel - 1 tsp
Ginger - a small piece
Green chillies - 4
garlic - 5 pods

To temper:

Ghee - 4 tbsp
Jeera / cumin seeds - 1 tsp
Bay leaf - 1


  • Roast the vermicelli with a tsp of ghee in medium flame,evenly with out changing its colour(if it not raosted vermicelli),you can also skip this part too
  • Grind the items given under ‘to grind’ table to a smooth paste with very less water.
  • Heat a heavy bottomed pan (I used pot shaped cooker) with ghee and temper with the items given under ‘to temper’ table.
  • Add sliced onion fry till onion turns just transparent and add the ground paste. Fry in medium flame for 2-3 minutes,taking care to not to burn it.
  • Add the chopped veggies along with tomato(if desired) and the mint and coriander leaves and fry in medium flame for 3 minutes. Add the coconut milk and bring to boil,add required salt
  • Then add the vermicelli.Let it boil till it absorbs all the coconut milk and then keep the flame in lowest possible and cook covered for 4-5 minutes.
  • Garnish with cashews fried in ghee if you want,or just simply with chopped coriander leaves… serve hot with raita of your choice!


  • If you make the pulav with proper care/just like we make our rice pulav, you will get an equally yummy,delightful pulav.
  • Vegetables I used are-carrot,beans,capsicum and cauliflower.
  • Don't cook for long time than mentioned as it will make the vermicelli sticky. Also increasing the water/coconut milk will make it sticky and gooey. Using less water ratio and cooking in low flame is the key to get it nice!
  • You can grind the mint leaves along with the grinding items.
  • You can use ginger garlic paste and add the whole masalas while tempering and avoid the grinding part,if you are lazy to do grinding!


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