Tuesday, 4 February 2014

Moong Sprouts - Green Gram Sprouts - How to make at home

Sprouted Seeds are rich in nutrients and proteins. They are rich in antioxidants,enzymes ,minerals and vitamins (vitamin C and B12).. Also, Green gram gets digested very easily and sprouted green gram is very low in calorie when compared to actual green gram. I have started adding sprouted green gram salads to our diet very frequently.

I prefer making things at home rather than buying. So started sprouting Green gram also at home. Many people have asked me - how to do this. Also some people came back saying it took 4-5 days for them to make sprouted green gram and they don't feel like eating it after 4-5 days. So I thought of sharing how I go about making it and for me this is ready in 36 hours.


Green gram - one cup - 125 grams
water - to soak
A cotton cloth - about 4 feet * 4 feet
A closed lid container


Select good quality green gram. Wash it thoroughly. Soak it in enough water. Add enough water. Remember that green gram would become double the quantity after some time. Soak it overnight or for 12 hours.

After 12 hours, remove the water from the green gram. Take the cotton cloth and wet it. Squeeze out the excess water. Put the soaked green gram into this cloth and tie the cloth loosely Keep it in a container at room temperature. Container should be dry. Close the container with a lid. I kept it in a Hot pack!!

Don't disturb the container for about 14-16 hours. Then open the cloth and check. Sprouts would have definitely started but if you want long ones tie the cloth again and keep it aside for anouther 6-8 hours. Mine was done in 24 hours.

Please check the recipe Sprouted Moong Salad to enjoy a nourishing salad!!!