Sunday, 1 October 2017

26 days of Protein rich dishes

Here's the round up of this month long marathon with protein rich dishes. As I Said in my previous post, I am really happy that I could finish this marathon on time. Actually the last couple of posts I was able to schedule ahead of time. Though I had internet problems and had to deal with my chickungunya viral infection; yet i managed. Yes there is a flaw - I am way behind in commenting but I will definitely finish the commenting part by next month.

This month marathon was quite informative. I learnt about many new ingredients that I havent yet used in my cooking like kavuni arisi, moth bean etc.. I also learnt a whole lot of paneer dishes enough to run another marathon. Though I am non-vegetarian, i was not aware that all the 9 amino-acids are present in meat and not all 9 amino acids are available in one plant-food. Lot more knowledge-gaining has happened and hopefully I will able to use them in my day-to-day cooking to make the meals more healthy.

This marathon I had planned with sub-themes for protein rich dishes where-in I tried to make a balance between vegetarian and non-vegetarian dishes.

Week 1: Beef Recipes
Week 2: Pulses excluding lentils
Week 3: Eggs and Paneer
Week 4: Chicken
Week 5: Lentils

 Over to the recipes now!!

Week 1: Beef Recipes

Day 1: Beef Kheema Dosa

Day 2: Beef Masala Curry

Week 2: Pulses excluding lentils

Day 3: Aloo Mutter

Day 4: Kaayum Payarum

Day 5: Chickpeas Pulao

Day 6: Gobi Mutter

Day 7: Sprouts salad

Day 8: Green Peas Soup

Week 3: Eggs and Paneer

Day 9: Bulls Eye

Day 10: Paneer Kofta Curry


Day 11: Scrambled Eggs

Day 12: Mughalai Paneer


Day 13: Nadan Mutta Curry

Day 14: Chilly Paneer

Week 4: Chicken

Day 15: Kori Gassi

Day 16: Fried Chicken Kebab

Day 17: Chicken Masala

Day 18: Hariyali Kebab

Day 19: Grilled Chicken Kebab

Day 20: Tawa Pulao with Chicken

Week 5: Lentils

Day 21: Mixed Lentils Paddu

Day 22: Paruppu rasam with garlic

Day 23: Kothavarakkai Paruppu Usli

Day 24: Vengayathal Vazhaithandu Koottu

Day 25: Malabar style koottu kari

Day 26: Tanjavur style poricha koottu


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  1. Ruchi, that's a wonderful round up of protein dishes..even with illness you were able to come back and complete the marathon, so dedicated!..thanks for all the efforts!

  2. You came back with a bang even you had a hard time with your illness, thats so fabulous Ruchi, all your protein riches rocks..

  3. Awesome work da.. You did catch up even after your illness.. Such a passionate person you are!!

  4. That's a lovely roundup dear. I like the idea if sub themes, it makes the series more interesting.

  5. First of all kudos to for coming back and completing the series. Great effort and amazing recipes.