Thursday, 29 September 2016

Uppilitta Manga | Salted Mango Pickle

The name raw mango is rhymed with pickles right? So here I am with another easy pickle. This is not a very spicy pickle rather a salted one, but it stays fresh for about a year at room temperature - if stored properly.

Kerala Style Uppilitta Manga or Mangoes in brine is one the ways of storing raw organic mangoes. We also have a famous film song (black and white) which has the lyrics - "uppilitta mangai undu unnan vaa machunane" meaning "salted mango pickle is available, come have lunch dear". 

For first timers who want to preserve raw mangoes; let me tell you that there is no such recipe for this. When I asked my Mother, all she said was boil salt and water together, cool completely, pour over mangoes, let it sit for at least a month and use it during the monsoons for curries, chutneys etc

It is better if this mango pickle is preserved in bharanis. But since I don't have them I preserve it in glass bottles. Until now I have preserved it for about 6 months and it stays good. Just keep the glass bottles in dark places.


Raw Mango: 1 kg
Salt: 1 cups (125 grams)
Water: 3 to 4 cups or as needed 
Green chillies - 20 nos


  • Clean and wash the mangoes, pat dry with a towel.
  • I sliced the mangoes into cubes of 1 inch. Generally mangoes are cut into big pieces lengthwise. Or if they are small mangoes, then they are just cut into two. I cut them into smaller pieces so as to compactly fit in my glass bottle.
  • Slit the green chillies lengthwise. 
  • Add the chillies and the cut mango pieces to a glass jar/bottle.
  • Boil salt and water together, cool it completely and pour it over the mangoes. Cover tightly with a lid and keep it for a week. In between I check on it and give it a shake.
  • The mangoes should be completely covered with water. So add water accordingly.
  • After about a week you should start seeing the mangoes skin change color from a bright green to a mild green.
  • When the complete mangoes have changed color, you can start using them. 

Uppilitta manga ready!!!


  • I topped the sliced mangoes into a big clean and dry glass jar. If you have a ceramic pot or "bharani" use it, though steel or aluminum is not ideal.
  • If the mango skin is thick, it might take time to absorb the salt and hence the change in color.
  • Once in a while check if there is any fungus formation on top; if there is wipe off with a clean towel or napkin. Make sure water covers the mangoes.
  • Use always a dry spoon to take the magoes out. I show the spoon in flame for about half a minute and then insert it into the mangoes.

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  1. Nice way of preserving mangoes. I do this for lemon..

  2. This is a nice way to preserve mangoes. We make a salty pickle with mangoes that goes well with upma. That has mustard powder though.

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  4. Very interesting way to pickle. Recently when we saw water as one of the ingredients on a pickle bottle, we were intrigued. I have always thought water spoils a pickle but since you are boiling and salting it, it may act as a preservative.

  5. We do this too and sun dry it some for preparing mango pickle. Love this with curd rice.

  6. Very interesting way to make a mango pickle.

  7. Wonderful way yo preserve lemons. I always do that with lemons.

  8. Thats great...Pickle without oil!! I can make it for my husband who doesn't like mango pickle as it has lot of oil.

  9. Very interesting mango pickle without oil.

  10. This pickle is prepared with whole small mangoes in Goa. I know they are yum.

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