Tuesday, 27 August 2013

Mango Halwa

Yup I am posting after a very looooooooooong time. Life is very hectic these days.... I am not finding time for blogging... And yes when there are numerous priorities, blogging takes the last one...

Now that I am posting after a long break I thought of starting with a sweet. Here comes mango halwa. Though the mango season is over, I still find mangoes in the market and do we need a reason to take home this king of fruits? Well I made this for the first time. It was simply delicious and very easy to prepare with very few ingredients... The inspiration was ofcourse from the blogging world.


Mango Pulp - taken from 1.5 kgs of mangoes
Sugar - 250 grams
Ghee -  5 tablespoons
Cardamom powder - a pinch


  • I took the mango pulp from a mango available in the name of "sendhooram". Its a nice pink and yellow colour on the outside.
  • In a non stick kadai, Heat 2 tablespoon of ghee and add the mango pulp and sugar.
  • Simmer for around 30 minutes stirring once every 10 minutes.
  • Add the remaining ghee little by little and simmer for another 20- 30 minutes until the whole mixture changes color and becomes glossy
  • Switch off the flame and pour the halwa into a greased plate
  • Allow it to set for 2 hrs and then cut it into desired shapes


  • There is no food color added. The color should change by itself to dark
  • We can also add cashews, raisins etc.... to make it more flavourful.


  1. Lovely Halwa.. Would love to gulp down some..

  2. Hello Ruchi Nice space u got! This mango halwa take off the deal to all mango lovers :)
    Im following u now! All my follow up go to private section and dont show to the author of blog! But here after shall be connected with all ur post :) If u have time also visit my space http://sweets-n-spices.blogspot.in/ Would be glad if u follow back too!! stay connected! shall go thru all ur recipes when im free :)